My Cinchcast Audio Blogging Journey

Cinchcast is an amazing audio blog tool that helps me communicate, connect, and craft my niche as a lawyer-turned author, artist, coach, yoga teacher, and innerpreneur.  I started using Cinchcast after hearing Bill Cosby’s Cinch blogs.  I figured if Mr. Cosby could use Cinchcast to share his thoughts, wisdom, humor, and good works, I could too. After using Cinchcast for a week, I realized how natural, fun, and easy it was to pick up my smart phone and share my thoughts. I became really excited about the tool when I saw how quickly my Cinchs posted to my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages. That’s when I became an unofficial Cinchcast ambassador and evangelist. In the past year, I have used Cinchcast to:
  • Provide updates about my creative adventures as an author, artist, coach, yoga teacher, and innerpreneur;
  • Share my weekly lessons learned and insights from running and practicing yoga, meditation, and Reiki;
  • Promote my books That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman’s Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery and Love’s Troubadours – Book One: Karma by reading excerpts that celebrate Black History Month in February, Women’s History Month in March, National Poetry/Jazz Appreciation Month in April, National Black Music Month in June, National Yoga Month in September, and National Arts and Humanities Month in October;
  • Share information and yoga tips that support health awareness campaigns including Heart Healthy Month in February, National Women’s Health Week in May, National Yoga Month in September, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October;
  • Live blog with the Blogalicious B-Link DC area bloggers at President Obama’s education reform speech during the National Urban League’s Centennial Conference;
  • Document my BlogHer 2010 conference experiences and conversations with fellow women bloggers;
  • Conduct interviews with women in social media at conferences such as Nonprofit 2.0, Blogging While Brown, BlogHer, and local meet ups in the Washington, DC area as research for my book project Sisterhood the Blog: Soundbytes from the 21st Century Women’s Online Revolution (December 2011);
  • Market my services and monthly events;
  • Celebrate my digital diva sheroes;
  • Solicit donations for my fundraising project – Sisterhood the Blog book project; and
  • Teach my coaching clients how to use the tool to blog on the go, connect with and thank their audience and customers regularly, seek feedback, share information, and highlight peers and industry leaders at meetings and conferences.

I am headed to the Blogalicious 2010 conference in Miami next weekend and plan to live blog with Cinchcast. So look for more Cinchs from me in the coming days!

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PS: Listen to six of my favorite Cinchs below.
1) Why I use Cinchcast (10/1) –
2) fundraising project update (10/1) –
3) Live blogging at DC Autumn Meet Up at Teaism in DC (9/29) –
4) My yoga and running adventures on first day of Autumn (9/23) –
5) My interview with Socially Diverse founder/blogger James Walker at Busboys and Poets in DC (8/21) –
6) Ananda’s interviews with women in social media at BlogHer 2010 in New York City (8/5-8/7) –

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