Listen to Ananda’s interview w/ Faith Dow, founder of Acts of Faith blog, about her use of social media to support her books & biz

Happy Saturday!

My social media sistalove Faith Dow, founder of Acts of Faith blog, interviewed me this morning via Skype and Cinchcast.  We talked about how I use social media to support my books That Which Awakens Me and Love’s Troubadours, and business. Faith also asked me about my writing process and career transition from attory to author.  She gave me a new title to marinate on: lifestyle guru.  I like the sound of it. What do you think? To learn more, click on the Cinchcast audio blog below. Enjoy!

Be sure to follow Faith on Twitter: She is an amazing lady who serves as an editor, media critic, social justice advocate, and creative professional who uses technology and social media to empower women and children.

Have a great weekend!

Peace, Creativity, Compassion, and Gratitude for social media sisterhood connections,


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