How Ananda is preparing for Spring… Yoga with Tazima Davis of Compassionate Renegade

Photo ©National Cherry Blossom Festival

Happy Tuesday!

Spring is coming. So are the cherry blossoms in DC.  March 20 marks the beginning of  Spring. For me, Spring is a season of rebirth.  How are you preparing for it?

Tazima Davis

Yesterday, I started my pre-Spring preparation with an intense one-on-one yoga class taught by yoga teacher and life purpose coach Tazima Davis in my home. I love one-on-one yoga sessions.  That’s how I learn best!

Tazima is founder of Compassionate Renegade (  She is helping me strenghten my core and upper body, open up my hips, and create more flexibility in my legs and hips.  She is also helping me release several yoga fears I have been holding onto.  Yes I have some yoga fears as a yoga teacher of four years and yogini of 15 years. Tazima’s teaching style pushes me past my comfort zone. Her grace, humor, ease, and yoga expertise makes her a fabulous teacher.  WOW is all I can say! To learn more about my yoga class with Tazima, listen to my audio blog below. Enjoy!

Peace, Creativity, Compassion, and Gratitude for yoga and teachers like Tazima,


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