Eve Ensler’s Embrace Your Inner Girl Lecture – Creative Inspiration for My New Book Sisterhood, the Blog: Soundbytes from the 21st Century Women’s Online Revolution

Greetings All,

Today I spent time working on my new book Sisterhood, the Blog: Soundbytes from the 21st Century Women’s Online Revolution.  My creative inspiration to dig deep into my creative process came from social media: a YouTube video.  It featured author, artist, and activist Eve Ensler’s passionate talk about embracing the inner girl and how powerful it is for women and men to tap into this female strength (compassion, vulnerability, intuition, empathy, creativity, emotion, and so much more).  That’s why I love the Internet.  It gives us so many soundbytes from the lives of women.  That’s the 21st century women’s online revolution! 

Eve’s talk engulfed my entire being.  It was exactly what I needed. As a result, I began creating six-word memoirs for chapter titles and 20 pieces of artwork that can be used in my book.  Check out the video of Eve’s talk below (20 minutes). Let me know what you think.

Enjoy your weekend and February!

Peace, Creativity, Compassion, Intuition, Empathy, Emotion, and Gratitude for My Inner Girl,


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