Happy Monday! – The Ananda Project – Inspiring music for the 1st week of 2010

Happy Monday!

I just made a Pandora.com station with The Ananda Project. My brothalove Tim’m West (http://reddirt.biz) reminded me of my passion for this group. I have them on my iPod and simply love them. What a way to groove through the first week of 2010!

What music are you listening to in 2010?

How does it support your new year?

The Ananda Project’s music reminds me to have fun while living healthy.  It makes me smile. It keeps me energized!

Do you have any commitments, affirmations, or resolutions to guide you through 2010?

I am committed to a deeper practice of surrender, self-care, compassion, gratitude, joy, humility, fun, and healthy living in 2010.

What is your 2010 theme?

Mine is morphing into something called inner quiet.  IQ for short!

Enjoy your first week of 2010!

Peace, Creativity, Compassion, Gratitude, and Inner Quiet (IQ),


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