Ananda begins her 2010 More/Fitness Half-Marathon Training on December 11.

Hi Everybody!

I decided to give myself a December birthday gift by registering for the 2010 More/Fitness Women’s Half-Marathon ( on April 25, 2010, in New York City.  When the Marathon occurs, I will be 45 years old. 

Photo of me walking from the finish line of the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2004


The last time I trained for and completed a marathon was in 2004.  I was 39 (… a few months away from 40) when I crossed the finish line of the Marine Corps Marathon in Virginia.  That was quite a day.  The training was intense. It grounded me and gave me so much focus.  This time around I am seeking to have fun as I train.  I’ll be blogging about my training experiences in the coming weeks. Tomorrow, I start my training with morning yoga, weights, and some treadmill action.  Stay tuned for more blog posts and photos from my training journey.

Thanks in advance for your positive energy, prayers, and support! I will need it!

Enjoy your day!

Peace, Creativity, and Half-Marathon Fitness Success,


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