Join Ananda for an author chat about the artwork in her new book That Which Awakens Me on 11.7@ 1pm EST on Ananda Leeke Live!, a program


Greetings All,

Join me on Saturday, November 7 at 1:00 p.m. EST for an author chat on Ananda Leeke Live!, my new show, about the artwork in my new book, That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman’s Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery (available on in December 2009).  The live streaming web chat will allow you to connect with me in real time.  I will also answer questions.  Click here to join the chat:  Also, take a look at my artwork below. Be sure to see the photographs of my archetypes.  They each represent my creative interpretation of my complex personalities. 

If you miss the live show, don’t panic. You can watch a recording a few seconds after the live show ends.  

Enjoy your weekend!

Peace and Creativity,


PS:  Look on the right side of this blog for a schedule of my online book party events.  Join me for the online party! 




Picture 175

That Which Awakens Me: Kreative Grooviness (acrylic on canvas), 2005

All artwork by Ananda Leeke.

Copyright 2005-2009 by Madelyn C. Leeke


My Girlhood: Puf the Magic Dragon (mixed media collage on brown paper), 2008



Love Mentalism (acrylic on canvas), 2005


That Which Awakens (magic marker drawing on paper), 2008


OM (magic marker and crayon drawing on paper), 2008


Ancestor, 2008 (Ananda’s wise woman archetype) 

All Photo Credit: Leigh Mosley –


Archetypes 013

Ananda, 2008 (Ananda’s spirit woman archetype)

Archetypes 034

Kiamsha, 2008 (Ananda’s creative woman archetype)

Archetypes 101

Madelyn, 2008 (Ananda’s CEOEsq. woman archetype wearing a mask to protect herself)

Archetypes 076

Puf, 2008 (Ananda’s BoHo BAP woman archetype)

Archetypes 131

Cheryl, 2008 (Ananda’s diplomat woman archetype)



Sapphire, 2008 (Ananda’s sexy warrior woman archetype)


Broomhilda, 2008 (Ananda’s inner critic archetype)

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