Happy Monday! Favorite YouTube Videos – New Songbird Priscilla Renae and President Obama’s Diwali Greeting and New Orleans Town Hall Meeting

Happy Monday!

I thought I would ease into this new week with several YouTube videos that I simply adore.  The first video features Priscilla Renae, a new songbird discovery I made while I was attending Blogalicious  (www.blogaliciousweekend.com) on October 9-11 in Atlanta. Priscilla Renae serenaded Blogalicious attendees during the Sunday brunch sponsored by Suave.  Her voice, lyrics, positive energy, creative spirit, and acoustic guitar blew my mind. She is my new favorite. Check her out!


This weekend I celebrated Diwali (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diwali), the Hindu festival of lights and new year, with my friends Siddharth and Nisha. They had a fabulous party with great food and friends.  I was so excited when I saw President Obama’s Diwali greetings on YouTube.  My President Rocks!  Check out his video which explains Diwali below.

I also enjoyed watching President Obama’s town hall meeting in New Orleans last week.  It inspires me to keep moving forward! Check out President Obama below.  He rocks!!!!

Here’s more good news … Yesterday, I submitted my approval of my final edits to my publisher.  YEAH! WOW!  I took a minute to go through these edits. They reminded me that creativity is HARD!  Yes, I was having some intense labor pains as I reviewed the edits.   It’s the part of creativity that I hate, but must do.  It’s the part of creativity that forces me to grow the most.  It is the part of creativity that transforms and brings me into a strong space.  So I do it despite how I feel.  I do it kicking and screaming at times.  I do it surrendering at times.  I am working on surrendering with more ease and on a regular basis. 

Any who… I am waiting on a final release date from the publisher this week or early next week.  I expect it will be in mid November which will change the date of my book party that was originally scheduled for November 14 at Shakti Mind Body Studio (www.shatkimindbodystudio.com).  I am going to reschedule it for early December. 



I will be launching my online book party on November 1 at 3:00 p.m. EST with an author chat on my new Ananda Leeke Live show: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/anandaleeke.

Enjoy your day and week!

Peace and Creativity,


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