RIP Poet Linda Karlin

Dear All,

I just received news that a dear poet friend Linda Karlin made her life transition yesterday.  Linda had been battling cancer for many years.  We met while serving as artists-in-residence at Smith Farm Center for Healing and the Arts (  Linda was a true creative spirit and healer who shared her gifts of poetry, creative writing, drumming, and Reiki with the world.  She was passionate about many things including art, museums, service, butterflies, nature, the beach, water, reading, spirituality, labryinths, gemstones, and healing modalities.  I am so glad that I was able to know her. I know Linda is now one of my guardian angels.  May she rest in peace surrounded by light and love. May her husband Peter, family, and friends navigate her life transition with peace and grace. 

Blessings to my friend Linda,


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