RIP Michael Jackson – A Major Force of Creative Inspiration in My Life





Greetings All,

My heart broke open when I heard the news that Michael Jackson made his transition yesterday.  I wasn’t prepared. None of us were.  The shock continues to travel through my spirit, mind, and body.  This is a hard one to take.  Michael and his brothers played such a major role in my childhood, adolescence, college and law school experiences, and adult life.  I feel like I grew up with him.  His music and creativity inspired me to tap into and express my own creativity.  I will miss his presence. 



Why is Michael special in your life?

What are  your favorite Michael moments and songs?

My favorite songs are “ABC” and “Ben.”  I also love the albums Off the Wall and Thriller. His Thriller videos are incroyable as the French say!  His performance in The Wiz was incredible. 

May Michael’s spirit rest in peace.  May his children, family, friends, and fans remember the beauty of his creative soul.

Peace, Serenity, and MJ Inspired-Creativity,


PS: My cousin Lori sent me a link to All MJ Radio, an AOL Radio station dedicated to Michael Jackson.  I am listening to it all day to stay connected to Michael’s creative energy and inspiration.  Click here to listen: There are commercials on the radio station. If that bothers you, create a MJ station on –



  1. Yes, I am right with you MJ affected my childhood memories attending the Jackson Five concerts in Detroit when I was young and partying to the “Off the Wall” album when I was in college at Western Michigan University in the 80s, just a few of the many great memories Michael Jackson brought to my life. RIP Michael! Thank God he let your light shine on us all!

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