Poetry Month Day #14: “OM” Poem


Happy Day #14 of National Poetry Month!

Today’s poem is inspired by my yoga practice. It is entitled “Om” which is the sound of creation.


Nature invites me to bring my practice outside
My yoga mat and I travel up the street and into Malcolm X Park.
Waterfalls greet us as the Sunday morning sun kisses my skin.
I breathe in and bow to Creator, Mother Nature, and myself.
As I exhale, I set an intention for my time on the mat.
My hands rest in prayer against my chest as I take several cleansing breaths.
After each breath, I allow the space in between the next breath to expand.
It makes room for a series of Oms.
Their echo disappears, but their vibration remains.
They merge into the vinyasa flow of my sun salutations.
I lose track of the number I have completed.
Sitting in the silence, I allow Om to stay.

Copyright 2015 by Madelyn C. Leeke. All rights reserved.

Photo Credit: Barbara Boyles

Happy Yoga Monday – Read Yoga-Inspired Poem About Present Moment Acceptance

Happy Yoga Monday!

For me, yoga begins and ends with the breath. When I breathe in and out consciously, I come into the present moment. That’s the place where everything is happening. It’s the now space I strive to be in 24/7/365. Today, I want to share a poem I wrote about breathing and being in the present moment. Enjoy!


Present Moment Acceptance from That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman’s Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery

All I can be is here right now.
Present. Standing still in mountain pose. Grounding myself in Mother Earth.
Knowing that all the stuff that clamors for my attention is just stuff.
That’s it … just stuff that can be paused for a moment with a deep breath.
So I breathe freely and release through my mouth.


My deep breathing slows down.
I return to normal breath.
The air comes in and out of my nose.
My shoulders relax.
My neck settles into a softness it has not always known.
My chest area feels more open.
My core supports me with additional strength, giving way to a lengthened spine.
I remember the mantra and say it quietly.

All I can be is here right now.

It rearranges itself.
I follow its lead and repeat it in its new order.

Right here now is where I am.

Right here now is where I am.
Right here now is where I am.

Where I am is holding all my stuff that continues to clamor for my attention despite my long deep breaths.
The mantra reappears.

All I can be is here right now.

It establishes a call and response.
I call.

Happy Yoga Monday – Read A Yoga-Inspired Poem About Writing and Yoga

Happy Yoga Monday!

My yoga practice has helped me focus my creative energy and anchored me during my writing process for several books over the past 16 years.  I have even wrote poetry about the connection between two of my favorite practices. See my poem below.


Yoga and Writing from That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman’s Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery 


When I practice yoga, my ego disappears.
I merge into the Infinite.
We become one.
One Love.
One Creation.
One Vessel.
Messages pass through me.
They become stories, essays, poems, truisms, quotes, prayers, affirmations, letters, e-mail messages, blog posts, and journal entries.


I inhale and raise my hands above my head, pressing the palms of my hands together.
My gaze is focused on my thumbs.
My head is balanced on my shoulders.
My shoulders are rolled back.
My heart shines forth.
My spine is long and strong.
My belly is soft but tucked in.
My arms hang gracefully with splayed fingers.
My legs support my core as my feet ground themselves to Mother Earth.
In this space, I breathe in and out five times.
On my next inhalation, I come into a forward fold.
The blood rushes down from my head.
I get a buzz.
It feels like nirvana.
I take a deep breath and raise myself up one vertebrae at a time.
As I exhale, my arms find comfort by my side.
I stand in place for several moments, feeling the benefits of my short practice.
The next moment encourages me to inhale and bring my hands into prayer against my heart.
I close my practice chanting seven Oms.
Om in my spirit.
Om in my heart.
Om in my breath.
Om in my mind.
Om in my body.
Om in my thoughts.
Om in my writing.


I have also taken yoga and writing workshops taught by my yoga teachers, Yael Flusberg and Kimberly Wilson. Their workshops offered me a chance to explore how different yoga poses and breathing exercises can stretch and energize my body, open my heart to new ideas, quiet my mind and clear emotional space so I can hear my inner wisdom, and focus my energy to meet deadlines for writing projects. They also gave me an opportunity to complete writing exercises after doing yoga poses and to share my reflections with a supportive community of fellow yoga students and writers.

Do you use yoga to support your creative work? How has it helped?

Have you ever taken a yoga and writing workshop? What did you learn?


If you are looking for yoga and writing resources, check out the list below.

Happy Yoga Monday – Read A Yoga-Inspired Poem About Kundalini Energy

Happy Yoga Monday!

Lately, I have been reading my yoga-inspired poetry. Here’s one of my favorite poems. Enjoy!


Kundalini from That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman’s Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery

Her vital energy rises like a coiled serpent up my spine through my body’s seven energy centers.

She sends

Muladhara red light to my root in my spine to support my survival.

Svadhisthana orange light to my sacral in my womb, abdomen, lower back, and hips to enhance my joy, healing capacity, creativity, sexuality, and financial abundance.

Manipura yellow light to my solar plexus to strengthen my sense of self, purpose, will power, determination, and courage.

Anahata pink and green light to my heart to increase my ability to love unconditionally, forgive, and empathize.

Visshudha turquoise light to my throat to purify my communication so it reflects the truth and is expressed with integrity.

Ajna indigo light to my third eye in the middle of my forehead to help me perceive my intuition and follow divine wisdom.

Sahasrara violet light to my crown in my head to transform my consciousness.

The vibrational pattern of her energy movement leaves me in a state of ecstasy.

Sweet sensations permeate the core of my being.

I am the beneficiary of her elixir of immortality.

She has come to awaken me.

So I may know the truth of my being.

The truth that I am a temple of the Divine.

She is Shaktipat.

Descent of Grace.

Aadhya Shakti.

Power of the Divine.

I humbly bow to her with the deepest gratitude.

I chant OM Kundalini OM until the silence of my breath communes with her infinite presence within.

Happy Yoga Monday – Yoga Wisdom Quotes & Yoga-Inspired Poem About Yoga & Meditation

Happy Yoga Monday!

Here’s some yoga wisdom from some of my favorite yoginis and a yoga-inspired poem from my OM soul and heart! Enjoy!

Yoga Wisdom from Some of My Favorite Yoginis:

“I did not come to yoga to stretch. I came to live.” Maya Breuer, African American yoga teacher and entrepreneur“

“Yoga is the uniting of consciousness in the heart.” Nischala Joy Devi, American yoga teacher and author

“Yoga serves as my catalyst, my core, that place I turn to when my world is spinning.”  Kimberly Wilson, American yoga teacher, author, activist, entrepreneur, and designer

Ananda at the London Buddhist Meditation Centre, 2007
Ananda at the London Buddhist Meditation Centre, 2007

My Yoga Poem:

yoga and meditation in the morning (from That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman’s Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery)

morning comes.

with it a host of thoughts begging for attention.

i take a deep breath and release them into open space.

they magically file themselves away in my cerebral

how sweet they are to make room for my meditation and yoga practice.

i wink and wave a quick goodbye.

they wink back and remind me they never ever say goodbye.

i return the wink with a grateful smile for having been granted a reprieve from
their chatter.

one thought escapes and attaches itself to my conscience.

she dances meringue style through my meditation.

i try to detach.

she dances harder.

i relax and allow her some space.

she quiets down.

i breathe in and out allowing my breath to travel out of my mouth.

she hears me breathing a series of audible “hahs” and joins me.

we merge and marry ourselves in the moment.

me and my thoughts exit stage left into a slow style salsa step.

our beat is harmony.

together we float into the morning silence making way for yoga to begin.