Women’s History Month: Celebrating My Womanline

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Women’s History Month gives me a chance to celebrate the women in my family that have inspired me. I call them my womanline. They include my mother, Theresa Gartin Leeke; grandmothers, Dorothy Mae Johnson Gartin and Frederica Stanley Roberts Leeke; and great grandmothers, Iona Bolden Johnson King and Florida Jones Leeke. Who are the women in your family that inspire you?

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In the first chapter of my tech memoir, Digital Sisterhood, I write about what my womanline’s digital footprint would look like if they had access to the Internet and social media. Listen to an excerpt (from 2013). Read the full chapter here. My book is available on Amazon (e-book, paperback, and hardback).

Listen to Digital Sisterhood excerpts read by yours truly (from 2013)!

Here are two more audio recordings (from 2013) about the book.

Happy Creativity Thursday – 3/28

Photo Credit: www.sawcc.org
Photo Credit: http://www.sawcc.org

Happy Creativity Thursday!

On March 1, I kicked off Women’s History Month with a visit to the Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery to see the Be/Longing, exhibition featuring the work of the South Asian Women’s Creative Collection (SAWCC). The Gallery is housed in the Smith Center for Healing and the Arts located in my U Street neighborhood in Washington, DC.

Photo Credit: Smith Center web site - Jaishri Abichandani The Return of Devastasia
Photo Credit: Smith Center web site – Jaishri Abichandani The Return of Devastasia

FIERCE is the best word to describe the Be/Longing exhibition. It is emotional and filled with stories that give voice to the rapture and struggle of fierce identity from the diverse perspectives of South East Asian women. It included the artwork of several powerful women artists: Samira Abbassy, Jaishri Abichandani, Nida Abidi, Amina Ahmed, Shelly Bahl, Marcy Chevali, Ruby Chishti, Chitra Ganesh, Monica Jahan Bose, and Sa’dia Rehman. Click here to learn more.

Did you visit any woman-centered art events during Women’s History Month?

Ananda’s Artist Date – Afternoon Talk by Sculptor Sokari Douglas Camp at the National Museum of African Art in DC

Sokari Douglas Camp


Greetings All,

In honor of Women”s History Month, I attended an afternoon talk at the National Museum of African Art featuring  one of my favorite sculptors Sokari Douglas Camp.  She is originally from Nigeria and currently lives in London with her family.  The first time I saw Sokari’s work was in 1999 when her Church Ede, A Tribute to Her Father, was on exhibit at the National Museum of African Art .  Listen to my Cinchcast audio blog below to learn more about my artist visit.

Have you taken yourself on an artist date lately?

What museums have you visited this year?

Have you discovered any new artists?

Enjoy your Friday!

Peace, Creativity, Compassion, and Gratitude for inspirational artists like Sokari,