Happy Creativity Thursday: Creating 2014 Vision Boards


Happy Creativity Thursday! Happy Day #2 of 2014!

During a recent creativity coaching client session, I shared how much I enjoyed making vision boards, cutting images from magazines,  and the impact vision boards have had on accomplishing my goals and manifesting my dreams over the past 20 years. The vision board making process has allowed me to select images, words, phrases, and quotes that affirm and support my goals and dreams.
This year, I journaled about my vision board themes and came up with a 2014 life theme. It took the form of a six-word memoir: Faith+Rest+Thrive+Passion+Zen=Fierceology. Fierceology is the belief and practice of Fierce Living. Fierce Living is the choice and commitment to be too bold for boundaries in all areas of my life and creative expression.

Have you made or are you making vision boards for 2014?