#FierceLiving Friday: My Dream of Becoming A Designer Happened Today!

Happy #FierceLiving Friday!

Guess what happened today? I officially realized my #FierceLivingat50 dream of becoming a designer when I wore my “Karma: One of Love’s Troubadours” scarf for the first time during my client meeting at Love ‘n’ Faith Cafe on 14th Street, NW, in DC.


In May, I partnered with VIDA to create a collection of four scarves that use artwork from my three books.


The “Karma” scarf I am wearing in the photos above incorporates my painting that appears on the cover of my yoga-inspired novel, Love’s Troubadours – Karma: Book One (available on Amazon.com). It celebrates a woman’s self-discovery journey and represents the main character in my novel.


Click here to learn more about my VIDA Voices scarf collection ($40 for each scarf).

#DigitalSisterhood Wednesday: A Woman With A Scarf Is A Woman With A Story

Happy #DigitalSisterhood Wednesday Digital Sisters!

I believe a woman with a scarf is a woman with a story. That’s why I’m launching the #ShopVIDAwithAL digital storytelling campaign to encourage women to share stories about their favorite scarves and promote my new collection of VIDA Voices scarves that bring ART TO LIFE.

#ShopVIDAwithAL campaign
#ShopVIDAwithAL campaign

When I partnered with VIDA, a woman-owned e-commerce platform, to create my scarf collection, I thought about the many ways scarves have helped me define my signature style and tell stories about my life, creativity, and travel experiences. I also reflected on my first scarf experience. It happened nearly 30 years ago when I was a first year law student at Howard University School of Law (1986).


My mother gave me a royal blue angora sweater from Lord & Taylor that celebrated our membership in Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. She suggested I find a scarf to wear with it. My mother was and remains my scarf icon!

With limited funds, I walked to a thrift shop and spent an hour searching for scarves. The owner brought me a brown and royal blue paisley silk scarf to look at. It had just the right amount of casual elegance I needed to flaunt my new angora sweater. Yes, it was scarf love at first sight! Nowadays, my favorite scarves give me that extra “ooh la la” feeling when I travel to the White House for meetings, book meet ups with fans, conferences, events, and London.

Do you have a favorite scarf story? Who taught you to wear scarves? Where have your scarves taken you in the world? I invite you to share your scarf stories along with a photo featuring you and your favorite scarf in the comment section below or on your blog and social media. Use the #ShopVIDAwithAL hashtag.

Click here for more information on how to purchase my scarves ($40 each) with the 20% VIDAVOICES code discount this week.