Poetry Month Day #21: “Play” Poem

Happy Day #21 of National Poetry Month!

“Play” is the title of today’s poem. It is inspired by an affirmation I read on author Louise Hay’s Facebook page.



Go on and be the joy that dances inside
Dress up in your favorite colors.
Enter the world seeking adventure.
Eat your favorite foods.
Watch your favorite movies.
Laugh so loud that everyone can hear.

Close your eyes and stretch out your hands.
Expect to receive the beauty that blossoms with faith when you believe.
Grab hold of the moment.
Allow your heart to hug it deeply.

Populate the earth with your smile.
Give everyone the gift of hearing your song.
Go on and sing the joy that brings happiness to your eyes.
Play with love.
Play with gratitude.
Play with silliness.
Play with freedom.
Play with an heart open.
Live from who you are from start to finish.
Be authentic.

Copyright 2015 by Madelyn C. Leeke. All rights reserved.

Photo Credit: LouiseHay.com