New Web Site Countdown — Debuting at 3/28 WordPress Press Publish Conference

Greeting All,

Today begins the countdown for the new and improved The web site will make its debut during the WordPress Press Publish Conference session, “A Tale of Two Sites: Case Study” led by my amazing web designer Michelle Langston on March 28 in Portland, Oregon. Check out some of the new photos below that will appear on the web site. Many thanks to my photographer Leigh Mosley for helping me to create my 2015 photos.

Photo Credit: Leigh Mosley
Photo Credit: Leigh Mosley

Social Media 101 – Check out a new webisode of Ananda Leeke TV

Hi All,

On Saturday afternoon, I worked with my client Leigh Mosley, a photographer, digital filmmaker, and educator, on her social media strategy for Leigh Mosley & Associates.  Watch the webisode to find out my definition of social media and what happened during my session with Leigh.  Enjoy!

Many thanks to Leigh for filming the webisode with my Creative Vado (my new best friend) camera.

Have a fabulous week!

Peace and Creativity,