Poetry Month Day #25: “Kind” Poem


Happy Day #25 of National Poetry Month!

“Kind” is today’s poem.


“Be kind to yourself,” the voice whispers.
I keep moving.
Ignoring the voice.
She whispers, “Did you hear me? Be kind to yourself.”
I stop, listen, and ask, “How?”

She answers with a recipe of kindness.
I write it down in my journal,
Be kind and slow down so you can be with yourself.
Be kind and slow down so you can hear yourself clearly.
In this space, feel what you are feeling.
Don’t glaze over it.
Think what you are thinking.
Say what needs to be said in your own words.
Reflect with kindness.
Rest with ease.
Be kind.
You are the only you have.

Copyright 2015 by Madelyn C. Leeke. All rights reserved.