Remembering Digital Sister Susan Niebur, One of My #DSFierceLiving Sheros

Susan Niebur speaking @ Be Blogalicious, The Movie event, Jan. 2011

This morning I dedicated my yoga practice to Susan Niebur, an amazing digital sister and #dsfierceliving shero who inspires me tremendously.  After yoga, I wrote in my journal and discovered I was writing the dedication page for my book, Digital Sisterhood.  Susan’s name appeared.  Here’s why.

I heard Susan share her breast cancer journey at BlogHer in New York City in August 2010.  Click here to watch a video of her talk.  Her words moved my spirit.  They made me think of my two grandmothers who lived with breast cancer.  When I returned home from BlogHer, I started following her blog, Toddler Planet and became inspired by her fierce living spirit, heart, and courage.  She quickly became one of my digital sister sheros.

In January 2011, I met her in person at the Be Blogalicious movie event in Silver Spring, Maryland (photo above was taken of Susan at the event).  That was a game changing moment because I had a chance to tell her how much I was inspired by her BlogHer talk and blog.

In October 2011, I listened to Susan share her journey at the Blogalicious Conference held at the National Harbor in Maryland. Later in the day, I was able to hug her and say how much I appreciated her story and work.  Susan made her transition on February 6.  Her hug is now a priceless gift I will always treasure.

Through Susan’s blog, I was able to witness the power of how one woman used social media to document and share her health journey, build community with like-minded people, give and receive support, and promote breast cancer awareness.  She caused me to look for other women who were doing similar things with social media.  I found plenty.  These women along with Susan inspired me to dedicate Digital Sisterhood Month 2011 to women’s health.

I am so grateful for the presence of Susan in my social media life.  Her fierce spirit, heart, and courage will always be remembered. Today I am sending love and light to her husband, sons, family, and friends.  She will be deeply missed.

Visit  her Toddler Planet blog to learn more about her amazing life and journey.

PS: Join Digital Sisterhood Network on February 8 for a special #DigitalSisterhood Wednesday Twitter tribute to Susan.  Follow @digitalsisterhd and check out the #dsfierceliving Pinterest board.

Join me in honoring the memory of my grandmother Dorothy by supporting breast cancer awareness campaigns.

Happy Monday! My grandmother Dorothy affectionately known as “Nanan,” was living with breast cancer when she made her life transition on January 8.  Nanan was 95 when she learned she had it and decided not to have any surgery.  She was taking a pill as medication to support her healing process.
My other grandmother Frederica Stanley Roberts Leeke (affectionately known as “Freddie”) lived with breast cancer from 1989 to 1996.  When Freddie died, I made a commitment to use my artwork to honor her breast cancer journey.  At first, I started participating in art exhibits sponsored by George Washington University’s Breast Cancer Center in the late 90s.
In 2001, I connected with Smith Farm Center for Healing and the Arts ( and trained to be an artist-in-residence who works primarily with cancer patients in hospital settings.  My training allowed me to work as an artist-in-residence with many breast cancer patients at Howard University Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, and Holy Cross Hospital from 2003 to 2009.
Three years ago, I decided to teach a free yoga class honoring breast cancer awareness for my Kind and Gentle C-OM-Munity Meetup group ( in D.C.’s Malcolm X-Meridian Hill Park during the month of October.  In 2008, I created the annual Frederica Roberts and Dorothy Gartin Breast Cancer Awareness Yoga Weekend (free classes held in the Park) in October.  This year, I will host a series of online and offline events.  Stay tuned for more information about these events in the fall.
Today, I want to ask all the ladies to take care of themselves by conducting regular monthly breast exams and getting an annual mammogram.  If you are a loved one or friend of a lady, please support her in doing these things.  It would be a real blessing. Click on the links below for more information:
Also, if you have time, send love and light to anyone impacted by breast cancer.  Go one step further and support an online or offline breast cancer campaign or event such as:
Enjoy your day and second week of 2010!
Peace, Creativity, Compassion, Gratitude, and Healthy Living,