Self-Love Challenge: 5 Ways to Thrive in Springtime on March 21-25


You’ve made it to see another March.

This March marks the third year you have been navigating the global pandemic. Depending on where you live in the world, you may also be dealing with divisive politics, increased violence, civil unrest, war, and so much more.

If you self-identify as a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) person, a woman, an immigrant, or a member of the LGBTQIA and disabled communities, you’ve been facing and living with years, decades, and centuries of oppression. You are still dealing with that sh$# today!

Pause right where you are and take 3 deep breaths. While you are at it, give yourself a juicy hug! 

EVERYTHING you faced and currently face has had a significant impact on your life, relationships, and career.

Everything you faced and continue to face may have created stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, sleepless nights, mind drama, and more.

You may have even experienced loss and grief due to the death of loved ones and the death of what you knew as your normal way of living. 

How are you feeling as you head into the Spring season?

How are you loving and caring for yourself?

Are your self-love and self-care practices supporting you in the ways you currently need?

Do you need help getting started in a safe community with my coaching support and group accountability?

Sign up for the Self-Love Challenge: 5 Ways to Thrive in Springtime on March 21-25. Watch the video to learn more about it. 

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