Thriving Mindfully Recipe of Weekly Self-Care Themes


Use the Thriving Mindfully Academy’s Recipe of Weekly Self-Care Themes to nurture yourself and navigate your life, career, and business with more awareness and intention. Here are several suggestions. Use what feels right for you!

  • Choose themes that work best for you.
  • Create your own themes.
  • Do one thing each day to honor a theme.
  • Start your mindful self-care practice with one or two days during the course of 30-90 days. Work up to using more days. Remember it is a process. Take baby steps!
  • Use the themes with the “Big 5”: loving kindness, compassion, patience, nonjudgment, and forgiveness.


Thriving Mindfully Playlists

Use the Thriving Mindfully Spotify Playlists for musical inspiration throughout your day. If you are able, move your body to the music. Honor your body’s ability to move at whatever level feels right. Any small movement from blinking or winking your eyes, opening your mouth to smile, nodding your head, rolling your neck or wrists, stretching opening and closing your hands, clapping your hands, snapping your fingers, tapping your feet, or stretching your arms or legs works!


You need a free Spotify account to listen to the music. Sign up here or wait for the prompt to join when you click on the links below.

Need more tips? Watch the video or listen to the Thriving Mindfully Podcast episode below.

Need more resources?


Weekly Theme Podcast Episodes

Listen to the Thriving Mindfully Podcast episodes for tips on how to practice the weekly themes.



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