Mindful Self-Care Assessment

We are given 1,440 minutes each day. How we use our 1,440 minutes is up to us. We can choose to make a commitment to use some of our 1,440 minutes to practice self-care. We can also choose to actively practice self-care during some of our 1,440 minutes. The operative word is CHOOSE.

The Thriving Mindfully Academy’s Mindful Self-Care Assessment was designed to help you see how you are practicing self-care. Once you determine your score, you will become aware of your current self-care and how you might make different choices to support your self-care commitment and practices.

Need more self-care support? Check out the Thriving Mindfully Academy’s self-care resources here.  

Directions: Select the statements that best describe yourself. Score yourself based on the following:

  • 1-3: You are in the no self-care danger zone and need to develop a self-care commitment and practice ASAP.
  • 4-7: You understand self-care and give yourself the bare minimum of self-care and are very close to slipping into the self-care danger zone. You need to deepen your self-care commitment and practice.
  • 8-11: You understand the importance of self-care. You provide yourself with some self-care. You need to strengthen your self-care commitment and practice.
  • 12-15: You are doing a great job of prioritizing self-care. Unless you scored 15, you can improve your self-care practice. You need to fine tune your self-care commitment and practice.

Mindful Self-Care Assessment

  1. I have a daily routine that allows me to experience some quiet “me time.”
  2. I set a daily intention.
  3. I eat healthy meals regularly.
  4. I drink eight or more glasses of water per day.
  5. I exercise three days or more per week.
  6. I take days off work when I need a break.
  7. I practice mindfulness, meditation, and take breaks at work to be mindful of how I am feeling.
  8. I stop and go to the bathroom when I need to.
  9. I have people I can talk to that really “hear” me that I tap into on a regular basis.
  10.  I set boundaries and say no when I don’t have time or want to do something.
  11.  I slow down and take time to chill out at home.
  12.  I get seven or more hours of sleep per night.
  13.  I have spiritual practices and/or communities that nourish me.
  14.  I ask for help when I need it.
  15.  I take care of my grooming needs (regular haircuts, manicures, pedicures or massages).

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