Self-Care Awareness Month

Join the Thriving Mindfully Academy on September 13-30, 2020, for empowering and inspiring content and online events that will help you and your family, friends, and colleagues embrace and practice mindful self-care during Self-Care Awareness Month.

Many people misunderstand self-care. They think they don’t deserve or need it. Some think they have to earn it. Others think it is optional, requires a lot of time and money,  and will cause them to be labeled selfish because they have chosen to care for themselves instead of caring for others.

Self-care is the act of nurturing your spirit, heart, mind, body, breath, and life in ways that uplift you. Self-care allows you to tap into your inner mother for nurturing. Self-care makes you strong not weak. Self-care is absolutely free and accessible to you 24 hours a day because it begins with your breath.

Self-care is an inside job that starts in the heart when you slow down and nurture your spirit, heart, mind, body, breath, and life in ways that uplift you

Your heart is a sacred sanctuary where loving kindness, compassion, nonjudgment, patience, forgiveness, courage, and joy reside.

Your heart offers you a safe place to come home to yourself and your TRUTH as the REAL YOU … your whole self … your complex layers that reflect your brilliance … your blind spots …

Your heart offers you a safe place to come home to your beauty … your scars … your strengths … your weaknesses … your joys … your sorrows … all of your vulnerabilities and grooviness.

Did you know self-care is your birthright?

Yep, it’s your birthright! All you have to do is claim it. When you claim your birthright to and practice self-care, you strengthen your capacity to show up in your life as a whole, healthy, and resilient person who is in a better position to serve and support loved ones, colleagues, clients, and members of your community.

As you practice self-care, it becomes one of your superpowers for serving and supporting others in your life, career, and business, especially during challenging and intense times.

At the Thriving Mindfully Academy, Ananda Leeke, the Chief Mindfulness Officer of Ananda Leeke Consulting, helps people just like you and mission-driven companies, organizations, and communities understand, accept, and claim self-care as a birthright.

Join Ananda for the Thriving Mindfully Academy’s Autumn Equinox Celebration: Sound Bath Meditation and Mindful Self-Care on September 22nd from 7-8:30 p.m. Register here. Invite your family and friends to join you.


If you are new to mindfulness, self-care, and wellness or simply want to learn more about these areas, visit the Thriving Mindfully Academy’s resource pages below.

Watch the videos below and learn more about self-care and the upcoming Wellness Wednesday Check-Ins on @anandaleeke’s Instagram Live on September 16th, 23rd, and 30th from 8-8:30 PM ET.


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