Watch video of CNN Journalist Soledad O’Brien Skyping in at Blogalicious 2010 on 10/10/10

One of my favorite Blogalicious 2010 moments was watching CNN journalist Soledad O’Brien use Skype to share her thoughts with conference attendees during the October 10th morning session. Very powerful and funny at times. Click on link to watch the video:

Ananda’s Blogalicious 2010 Recap of Day #1 – October 8, 2010

Blogalicious 2010 was AMAZING! 275 people registered to attend the three-day weekend conference held on October 8 to October 10 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Miami Beach.  Yes it was on the beach and the weather was YUMMY! Check me out chill-axing in the lobby of the Ritz (see photo below)! It was relaxing, spa-like, luxurious, and beautiful all day and night long!  The Ritz staff was great! I could actually live there! Does it show that I am a Ritz fan and aficionado?

I arrived in Miami on October 7. My flight was a late one. Mis hermanas de alma (soul sisters) Xina Eiland and Kety Esquivel picked me up from the Miami International Airport.  The first night Xina and I stayed in the Marriott. We had a free room due to her Marriott points.  It had an ocean view. So we slept with the terrace sliding door open to get the Miami Beach energy and ocean sounds all night long. It was juicy and relaxing.  The next morning Xina and I got up really early and checked into the Ritz before the first general session of Blogalicious began.


Me and Xina at Blogalicious PM reception on 10/8 - spent afternoon at pool chill-axing!



Mi hermana Kety Esquivel


While sitting in the lobby waiting for the registration desk to open, I used Cinchcast to give a pre-conference audio blog update. Click on link to listen:  After I finished my audio blog I met one of my favorite bloggers Onica, founder of Europhoria Luv.  We chatted for a few minutes before I asked her to do an interview about her blog, why she came to Blogalicious,  and her definition of digital sisterhood.  Click on link to listen:


Me and Onica


Before the general session began I met one of my favorite Twitter digital sisters Jewel of The Tiny Jewel Box.  We hit it off immediately and ended up sitting at the same table with Xina during breakfast.  During our breakfast conversation, I learned Jewel is a DC native with an amazing sense of humor and style!  Jewel  allowed me to interview her about her blog and digital sisterhood. Click on link to listen to Jewel’s interview:


Me and Jewel, founder of The Tiny Jewel Box


I thoroughly enjoyed the morning sessions on women of color in marketing, networking, and Latinas in social media. The open-mic lunch that Xina and I co-moderated was soulful and filled with digital sisterhood love. Click on link to listen to my audio blog update:

The first day of Blogalicious was really special because I connected with new friends and reconnected with old friends. See the photos below.


Me and Pam Perry



Me, Carrie, and Monica



Justice Fergie, co-founder of Blogalicious



Justice Ny, co-founder of Blogalicious



Me and Boni



Me and Kimberly, author of The Mocha Manual to a Fabulous Pregnancy and The Mocha Manual to Turning Your Passion into Profit


Xina and I headed to the pool after lunch and chilled out in the warm Miami sun for a few hours.  We made it to the evening reception at the Ritz’s beach club.  That was a lot of fun! During the reception, Ronnie and Lamar Tyler of interviewed me for their Be Blogalicious documentary.  I’m looking forward to seeing the film.

Xina loves Miami and has been many times. So she suggested we walk down the famous Lincoln Road for dinner at Sushi Siam.  Yummy yummy yummy! See the photo below.


Me and Xina at Sushi Siam


I ended the evening at Kindred Family Soul’s concert and the Parranda! party.  The first day of Blogalicious 2010 was a bloggy blast! Come back later this week for more posts on my Blogalicious 2010 adventures.

Ananda is speaking about digital sisterhood at Blogalicious on October 8!

Great news! I am co-hosting a discussion with PR guru Xina Eiland on the digital sisterhood experience at Blogalicious on October 8 in Miami, Florida. To learn more, read the blog post about our Blogalicious discussion:

Ananda’s social media adventures at Blogalicious DC Meet Up on April 27

Ananda moderating Women in Social Media panel

I had the pleasure of serving as moderator for the Women in Social Media: Creating Your Digital Footprint panel at the Blogalicious DC Meet Up held on April 27 at the Washington, DC Economic Partnership. The following dynamic women served on the panel:

I was able to capture the amazing panelists, Blogalicious co-founders Nyasha Smith and Stacy Ferguson, DC Meet Up organizer/PR professional Xina Eiland,and Niambi Jarvis, Director of the Office on Women’s Policy & Initiatives, in action with my Creative Vado video camera. Check out the videos below.


1) Definition of Social Media – Part One by Rhea Brown, Terri Holley, and Michele McGraw

2) Definition of Social Media – Part Two by Rhea Brown, Terri Holley, and Michele McGraw

3) Meaning of Digital Footprint by Terri Holley

4) Blogalicious co-founders Nyasha Smith and Stacey Ferguson

5) DC Meet Up organizer/PR professional Xina Eiland

6) Niambi Jarvis, Director of the Office on Women’s Policy & Initiatives

Check out several photos from the Meet Up below (photo credit: Blogalicious co-founders Nyasha Smith and Stacey Ferguson). Click here to see more photos.

Blogalicious DC Meet Up Panelists

Blogalicious is planning additional meet ups and a party at the BlogHer conference in August.  Be sure to check out these events and webinars (recordings available).

Are you going to register for Blogalicious 2010 in Miami? I am!

Are you going to BlogHer? I am!

Ananda shares her Blogalicious 09 Recap on October 29th Episode of The Ananda Leeke Show

blogalicious heading

Hi Everyone,

I shared my Blogalicious 09 recap on The Ananda Leeke Show. Click here to listen to Episode 9 (10.29.09):  I will publish my first Blogalicious conference article on my DC Social Media Examiner column on Friday evening. 

On Saturday, I will launch the Blogalicious 09 Series on Sisterhood, the Blog Radio.  The first episode will feature an interview with Gwen Peake, Global Digital Communications Manager at Ford Motor Company and author of If It Walks Like a Duck…and Other Truths My Mother Taught Me. Click here to listen to the show:  I will post the schedule of shows later this weekend.

Gwen served as a presenter for Blogalicious’ Plenary Session: Social Media and the Woman of Color. Follow Gwen on Twitter –  Visit to learn more about Blogalicious. Enjoy your day!

Peace and Creativity,


Ananda is back from Atlanta and Blogalicious 2009!


Happy Monday All,

I spent last week in Atlanta.  While I was in the ATL, I conducted research for my next novel, Love’s Troubadours – Symon: Book Two (2011) on the campus of Morehouse College.  I also visited Spelman College and its Museum of Fine Art.  Most of my research was captured on video with my Creative Vado camera.  I will post the videos early next week.


I also attended Blogalicious (, the first annual conference for women of color bloggers.  It was AMAZING.  I will write about the conference and share video interviews and clips from various sessions on this week.  I already posted several videos from the conference on Ananda Leeke TV –


Blogalicious inspired me to launch Ananda Leeke Live! on USTREAM, an online show that will give me an opportunity to talk directly with people about my books, artwork, creativity coaching practice, yoga and Reiki services, and social media expertise. The first show airs on November 1, 2009, at 3:00 p.m. EST. It will kick off my online book party for my new book, That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman’s Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery (iUniverse, Inc., 2009). Click here to watch the Ananda Leeke Live! on November 1: