babylon sisters

Happy Creativity Thursday!

Today’s blog post pays special tribute to Ayoka “Ayo” Chenzira’s exciting new film project, BABYLON SISTERS which is based on author Pearl Cleage’s novel. Ayo is one of my favorite Creativista digital sisters and filmmakers in the world! I also love Ms. Cleage’s work (been a fan since I read her book, Mad at Miles in the 1990s).

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:
Dr. Ayoka Chenzira - Photo Credit:
Dr. Ayoka Chenzira – Photo Credit:

Ayo has listed BABYLON SISTERS on the JuntoBox Films’ web site (a company that is co-chaired by producer/actor/director Forest Whitaker). Through its web site, JuntoBox Films allows film supporters to follow and rate film projects so that they can be noticed by the decision makers of the company.

Join me in giving BABYLON SISTERS support by rating it on the JuntoBox web site. All you have to do is click here, join the site (takes a few seconds because you can use Facebook to join), and give BABYLON SISTERS a high rating.

Your support will help Ayo and her team generate  positive feedback so that BABYLON SISTERS will become a greenlit and fully funded project by JuntoBox Films. Let’s make it happen!

Thanks everyone for your support!

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