Ananda is launching the Digital Sisterhood Network’s Digital Civility and Security Initiative in July

Technology, the Internet, and social media are amazing.  They have empowered people with information, a global space, and a portfolio of tools to communicate, promote, and debate their ideas and experiences.  They have also presented challenges in how people communicate and engage with each other as they exercise their freedom of speech on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other sites in cyberspace.  Some of these challenges include speech that causes fear or creates a threat of being the target of unwarranted abuse, harassment, or lies.  Thanks to organizations like CiviliNation, an education and research nonprofit that focuses on advancing the full capability of individuals to communicate and engage in cyberspace in a responsible and accountable way, work is being done to educate people about these challenges.

In an effort to support CiviliNation’s work and to promote digital civility, the Digital Sisterhood Network is launching its Digital Civility & Security Initiative on July 4, 2011.  From July 4 to July 11, the Digital Sisterhood Network will use its web site, Digital Sisterhood Wednesday celebration, Twitter page, and radio show to promote and celebrate women in social media and organizations that provide awareness and outreach on digital civility, Internet freedom of speech, online security,  privacy, and digital etiquette.  In addition, Andrea Weckerle, CiviliNation’s founder will co-host the July 6th Twitter chat on digital civility from 8:00 pm ET to 9:00 pm ET.  Please use the hashtag #digitalsisterhood to participate in the conversation.

What do you think about digital civility?

Do you feel safe in expressing your thoughts online?

Share any stories about online communication challenges you have faced in the comment section below.

Be sure to check out the videos below featuring CiviliNation Andrea Weckerle and Digital Sisterhood Network founder Ananda Leeke.

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