How I Plan to Keep the Heart of Haiti Beating in 2011: Way #7 – Send Healing Love & Light to Haitians & Haiti at 12 noon this week

This morning I listened to Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! program and learned that former despot Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier”   returned to Haiti yesterday.  Anger filled my entire body.  Why? I couldn’t imagine how “Baby Doc” was allowed to return to a country he had harmed deeply.  I carried the anger with me into my morning subway commute.  As I walked to work, I wondered what could I do to keep the Heart of Haiti beating today.  So I decided to use my Digital Sisterhood Twitter account as a vehicle for sharing a message that asked my Twitter followers to join me in taking a deep breathe and sending love and light to Haitians at 12 noon.  I am going to do it this week.  Join me.

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