Ananda’s Blogalicious 2010 Recap of Day #2 & Digital Sisterhood Audio Interviews with Women Bloggers – October 9, 2010

It’s hard to believe that Blogalicious 2010 was last week. I am still on my Blogalicious and digital sisterhood high! So I thought I would share a recap of what happened during Day #2. See below.

Me and Xina Eiland before yoga on the beach at Blogalicious

I started Day#2 of Blogalicious with yoga on the beach. My sistalove Takeyah Young, founder of Core Connection Lifestyle,  taught a juicy class on Miami Beach.  Xina and I had a great time. Check out the photos from the class below.

Me before yoga class at Blogalicious
Blogalicious ladies practicing yoga.
Takeya Young, founder of Core Connection Lifestyle, teaching yoga at Blogalicious
Shannon Nash and Xina Eiland

Before the morning sessions began, I chatted with Shannon Nash, a Blogalicious 2010 speaker, and Xina.  I met Shannon last year at Blogalicious 2009. She is an amazing woman and speaker! The morning sessions included a great six-word memoir networking exercise. I love love love six-word memoirs.  I created two.

  • personal six-word memoir to describe myself – Michigan. DC. Esq. Author. Artist. Yogini.
  • Blogalicious six-word memoir – digital sisterhood. community. connection. collaboration. commerce. (will blog about this one later this weekend)

FYI – My six-word memoir was published in Smith Magazine’s It All Changed in an Instant: More Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure: Go Green BoHo BAP. Urban Debutante. I also used six-word memoirs as chapter titles in my new book That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman’s Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery. Click here to watch my creativity coaching video on  six-word memoirs.  My coaching and yoga clients will also testify to my use of six-word memoirs with them.  Can you tell I am a six-word memoir fan?

James Andrews, co-founder of Everywhere

I was inspired by James Andrews’ keynote presentation on the relationship between social media and television. Check out the video of his presentation below (33 min – worth it!). James’ presentation convinced me to launch #STB10 #DigitalSisterhood Wednesdays on Twitter this week.  Click here to read the blog post and watch video.

I also used Cinchcast to interview James later in the afternoon. Click here to listen to the interview.  He is a very powerful brothalove who loves the same kind of music as me – Eric Roberson and Omar Sosa!

I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon interviewing women in social media about digital sisterhood on Cinchcast (see the audio blog interview links below)! Doing the interviews helped me connect with so many dynamic women in social media. See photos below.

Danica Kombol. co-founder of Everywhere

Listen to interview with Danica Kombol.




Me and Lashanda Henry


Listen to interview with LaShanda Henry




Toni Staton-Harris and Deidre Mason


Listen to interview with Toni Staton-Harris and Deidre Mason




Ellen Seidman


Listen to interview with Ellen Seidman.




Jennifer James


Listen to interview with Jennifer James.




Jonnice Slaughter


Listen to interview with Jonnice Slaughter.




Me and Boni Candelario


Listen to interview with Boni Candelario.




Mary Ann Vangrin of the Wine Sisterhood and her fellow Wine Sisterhood colleague


Listen to the interview with Mary Ann Vangrin.





Me and Natalie McNeal


Listen to the interview with Natalie McNeal.




Me and Maura Hernandez


Listen to interview with Maura Hernandez.




Lauren Thomas


Listen to interview with Lauren Thomas.


My afternoon also included a visit to the Wine Sisterhood‘s Sassy Suite. What a place to visit! Why? They had a fabulous wine tasting for their Middle Sister wines. FYI – The Wine Sisterhood is one of my favorite social networking sites for women. They have such great information about women and wine! I hung out in the suite with my friends Boni, Rosemarie, Luvvie, Adria, Danica, Toni, and Deidre.  I also did a video interview for the Wine Sisterhood. See some of the photos below.


Me and Deidre Mason

Me and Boni Candelario



Rosemarie, Boni and Luvvie


Rosemarie and Boni


My hermana de alma Julie Diaz-Asper took me and our other hermana de alma Kety Esquivel to dinner with her family at Yuca, an amazing Cuban restaurant on Lincoln Road.  After dinner, we walked back to the Ritz with Julie and her daughters to attend the Blogalicious Beauty Bash.  We had so much with So In Style Barbie and dancing to the music of DJ James Andrews (yes he is a DJ too!).


Me with my Afro-Cuban Barbie - Kara Magdalena (I named her Magdalena and gave her an Afro-Cuban identity)


As you can see Day #2 of Blogalicious was blog-tastic! Stop by later this weekend for Day#3 recap and other Blogalicious blogs.


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