Ananda’s Adventure w/ Ch. 9/Connection of The Joy Diet & Next Chapter Book Blogging Group

Greetings All,

This week, my Next Chapter Book Blogging Group is reading Chapter 9 of Martha Beck’s The Joy Diet.  Click here to learn more about the Group’s insights on Chapter 9: I am halfway through reading the chapter.  When I think of connection, music comes to mind because it reminds me of my connections with others.  My connections with family and close friends have really been on my mind a lot.  Those connections are rooted in love.  Raheem DeVaughn’s The Love Experience CD has kept me company for the past few weeks.  The title song moves me so much. I play it a lot.  It has even been the soundtrack to my yoga practice too!  WOW what a connection to the music itself!  I have included a YouTube video featuring the song. Enjoy!

Enjoy your weekend!

Peace, Creativity, Compassion, and Connection,


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