Ananda Leeke is heading to Press Publish, WordPress’ first-ever conference featuring WordPress bloggers and the people behind, on March 27 and 28, 2015, in Portland, Oregon. While Leeke is at Press Publish, she’ll lead a session on “Blogging for Obama” that will give her an opportunity to share how she began blogging for personal reasons, evolved into a social media leader for the White House, and learned how to make the most of opportunities that have presented themselves as a result of her blogging adventures on March 28.

She’s serving as a panelist for Michelle Langston’s session, “A Tale of Two Sites.” During this session, you’ll have a chance to look at her older web site and blog and learn how Langston transformed them into a new and improved site that fully expresses her personality and online goals.

Also, she will join several featured speakers for the “From Blog to Book” panel to discuss the various ways blogging was involved in their becoming published authors.

In addition to these sessions, you’ll be able to dive into a day of learning with presentations and tutorials led by an amazing group of speakers on blogging 101, blogging on the go, going pro as a blogger, storytelling, turning your blog into a book or business, writing, WordPress design and plugins, and so much more.

Photo Credit: WordPress Press Publish

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